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Bliss Tips | Surviving Hot Weather With Your French Bulldog, Pug, Bulldog +

French bulldog hot weather

Hot Weather and Your Flat-Faced Dog 

As soon as the weather turns a bit warmer most of us can't wait to get outside and bask in the delights of nature. Unless you happen to be a flat-faced, brachycephalic dog. For the brachy breeds, summer can be miserable or sadly, even deadly.

First and Foremost - Respect the Pugness, Frenchie Responsibly, Bulldog Bodaciously and Embrace the Brachy!

Admit, embrace and be empowered by knowing your dog's structural limitations.

Your flat-faced dogs is NOT supposed to be an everything dog. They are not built to be a running companion anymore than a sumo wrestler will win the Boston Marathon. They need and crave exercise, but appropriate exercise for their body type.

Their flat faces also create breathing issues. We, as in humankind, has squashed the breathing structure of a dog's head like a German Shepherd's into one a virtually round ball. Of course this causes breathing struggles and has lead to the term Brachycephalic Syndrome being part of our canine lexicon. More on THAT subject found here.

A Permanent Toddler

It his our responsibility to take care of these flat-faced dogs in a manner appropriate for their physical type. Think of a flat-faced or toy dog as having a permanent toddler.

Would you leave your toddler in the car with the a/c running? We sure hope not.

Would you force your 4-year old to go for a fast jog? Probably not.

Then don't expect your Frenchie or Pug or Bulldog to do the same. 

This may sound harsh and we get it, our dogs are so cute and fun to be around we want them with us all the time. We have precious few hours in-between work, social commitments and errands and we want to grab more time with them any chance we get.  

But, please, leave your dogs at home when the weather is hot. It will be less stress on you and could be life-saving for them. Watch the minute or so video for more tips!