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Using PAW BUTTER is great for your dog's paw pad health. Another benefit is to use the time you're applying PAW BUTTER to give those paws a good examination.

PRISTINE PADS Wipe you dog's paws off using a mild soap or warm water prior to applying PAW BUTTER

PAD PEEK Look between toes and feel around on the pads for any foreign objects; a thorn or sticker, bit of glass or plastic, maybe even gum

MOISTURIZING MOMENT Apply PAW BUTTER using the tin or tube. No need for a lot, start less and reapply if needed.

DEEP TISSUE PAW MASSAGE Start with the big pad and massage the PAW BUTTER deeply into that pad, then move onto each toe pad. This is great to do while you sit and Netflix binge (I know you do it).

APPLY PAW FIRST AID Little cuts (less than 1/2 inch or so-use common sense) can be cleaned with an antiseptic pad. Then apply PAW BUTTER or BOO BOO BUTTER. Bigger cuts or one that is bleeding  need to be seen by a vet. I gotta say it: Seek veterinarian advice if your dog has an injury to their paw.

SNIP & TRIM Trim paw hair regularly to avoid painful matting and the formation of ice balls in pads during the winter. Comb hair out, especially from between the toes, and trim even with the pads. Note: Not everyone feels dogs need to have the hair trimmed, this is your personal preference. AND if you are not comfortable doing this, have your groomer do it.

winter dog paw care


HOT! HOT! HOT! Press your forearm to the sidewalk (sand, asphalt, etc.), if it is too hot for you, it is probably too hot for your dog's paws, especially if they are inside most of the time. 

FROZE TOES We call it froze toes when our dogs run outside during our Minnesota winter, then stop and hold a foot up within minutes. Ice and snow crystals can freeze inside their paw pads and damn, that hurts!


The chemicals and salts used to keep the sidewalks snow-free can be harsh on your dog's paws. Look what that $#%^ salt did to you new Michael Kors boots!  After outdoor walks, wash your dog’s paws in warm water to rinse away salt and chemicals. You may consider a pair of booties for your cold-weather friend, if your dog will tolerate them. 

OUNCE OF PAW-VENTION Keep your eyes open for potential paw danger while walking your dog. I'm not suggested you be a helicopter dog parent (we all know some of them), just that you notice what's coming up. Glass, sharp rocks, and such and while you are scoping out the path, make sure you steer clear of dropped food, road kill, anthills and such. I speak from experience on all of those…don't ask. 

BUILD UP Just as we need to build up to a new exercise regimen, so do our dogs. Do not take them for a long walk across rocky terrain with carpet soft paws. Think walking barefoot across sharp rocks. We've all seen exhausted puppies being forced to run beside their people and it is so sad. Ugh.

FOOTPAD HYPERKERATOSIS Sometimes you see paw pads that have an overgrowth, like extra paw pad growing up on the sides and maybe an unusual amount of hair in between the pads. This is a whole other thing! It is similar to what you see on dog;s noses that started the whole  NOSE BUTTER® mission. And yes, PAW BUTTER will help get rid of Footpad or Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis. 


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