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FAQs & Tips for Paw Butter Application

Paw Pre-Pampering Info

Sometimes you see paw pads that have an overgrowth, like extra paw pad growing up on the sides and maybe an unusual amount of hair in between the pads.

That is usually a skin/paw tissue overgrowth often called Footpad or Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis. Using of Paw Butter will help get rid of the extra tissue and maintenance usage keeps it gone!

You are absolutely right! Our dogs paw pads need to have a certain degree of toughness to them, but not to the point of dry, cracked or overly rough.

Apply Paw Butter as often as needed to achieve and maintain the level of paw suppleness you desire. That may sound vague, but your Pom whose feet rarely touch outdoors will probably need less attention than your Lab who runs with you 4-5x a week.

Paw Butter has NO active ingredients and is non-toxic. No harm if licked, swallowed or eaten. Of course, you don't want them to eat an entire eight ounce container, as that would be more fat than they need. You can expect them to have soft poo for a day or two if they consumed an entire container.

How To Apply Paw Butter

Wipe you dog's paws off using a mild soap or warm water prior to applying Paw Butter. Allow pads to dry some, like we do when applying moisturizer after a shower.

Best Tip!Warm Paw Butter prior to application by putting it in your pocket or rubbing in your palm. Warm it up in the palm of your hand. It quickly gets softer and begins to melt.

Tin - Open the tin and scoop a bit out with your finger or a spoon and warm as above.

Tube - Or open tube and dab across the pads.

Start with the big pad and massage Paw Butter into that pad, then move onto each toe pad. This is great to do while you sit and Netflix binge (I know you do it). Use as much pressure as your dog enjoys or tolerates. Not too hard!

After applying Paw Butter give your dog a treat, their dinner, whatever will distract them from licking the product off before it gets the job done.

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