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Does Your Dog Have a Dry, Crusty Nose?

Based on 3840 reviews
seems to work

appears to work but the tins are so small I'm gonna use it up before the issue is healed. my fault since I ordered the sample tins. my dog appears to like as he licks it after applied

Glad to hear the products are working! The Combo kits are designed to be a trial run for bigger dogs or as a way to try most of the butter products. Smaller dogs will of course, get more applicationms. People always ask us why we offer eight size of Nose Butter, etc. and we tell them 'Because dogs come in all sizes.' For dry noses and elbow calluses we openly share that Nose Butter and Elbow Butter will relieve the symptoms, but there will have to be maintenance.

Hopefully you got a brochure in the container, it should cover all of the usage info. We do everything we can think of to share the sizes, etc in a reasonable way, but I will look at the Combo Kit listing again to be sure. What issue does your Lab have? Elbow Calluses?


These products really work!

My chihuahua was having itchy spots on and around her tail, her tummy, and neck. The shampoo gave her such relief and made her fur so soft, and when something itches her, the spray works on contact and smells great! The boo boo butter healed her up so quick and she doesn’t mind it at all. I took another customer’s advice and got a jammie shirt for her. It distracted her from licking off the boo boo butter. We love these products! Thank you so much!

Oh my goodness, somebody is EXTRA adorable in her jammies! Yeah, our dogs love to lick! I love her color! Thank you for letting us know how she did with our products. Ya'lls reviews always make our hearts sing! Thank you so much!

Oh, when my smooth Brussels Griffon had his n-e-u-t-e-r done (he might be reading this) I insisted on making him wear this velcro Spiderman looking ensemble to keep him from licking his stiches. I put him on his bed, walked across the room, turned around and there said...on top of the outfit! He was not having it.

THanks again for sharing!
Kathy & Larkan the Escape Artist

Great product for my Golden Retriever's nose!

I have been using Nose Butter for several years now, and it made an immediate difference the first time I tried it. My dog's nose was falling off in little chunks due to dryness, and felt like 40 grit sandpaper. The nose butter quickly added needed mositure to his nose, and I used it daily without fear of using too much. His nose quickly became soft and grew back normally. Since there is no cure for his nose problem, I have been using nose butter ever since, and it does a great job.

You absolutely made our day! The 40 grit sandpaper is a new description for me, but I will be using it. Golden Retriever's are such classically beautiful dogs with those sweet, sweet faces, a dry nose is not allowed. I'm so glad you found us and your boy is doing well! Thank you again, this is the way I love to start my day! -Kathy

Pug Nose Butter
Brian Rudell
Yoda uses blissful dog products

My dog has always had potential for a really bad skin crust problem on his nose and inside his wrinkles. I clean it every day, but sometimes twice. I swear Pugs grow dead skin on their nose like hair grows on other dogs with their wrinkles above. I used to get little tubes of this, but it was worth it with his needs to get a large amount so we don’t run out because I notice the difference after just two days of not using his butter. Thanks!

A lifesaver!

After several months of having Boo Boo Spray on hand “just in case,” I finally needed to use it this morning after my pooch disturbed a fire ant hill. He was terrified and in a lot of pain, but the Boo Boo Spray gave him instant relief. Thank you for such a great product!

Nose butter

I doubt it’s going to get rid of the overgrowth on their noses but it is softening it, and the color has darkened back up. One or two licks, and they leave it alone to do it’s moisturizing.

Give it a few more days! From one dog to the next there will be different times as to how quickly they shed that nasty overgrowth. What we've noticed (not scientific) is the dogs with short/flat faces seem to get rid of it faster than dogs with classic nose lengths. Dogs like your Cockers with their elegant faces may take a wee bit longer. Keep at it and let us know how they do! - Kathy

My dog loves this and his nose looks great.

Nose Butter

The vet recommended nose butter. I found your product online. Awesome stuff! It is definitely making a difference in his dry, rough nose.

Xolo breed

I bought boo boo for xolo, it helped us a lot to get rid of acne and dry skin.

We've been so excited by how many Xolo and Crested people are using the Boo Boo Butter on their dogs. It really is a good all-around moisturizer. If you have any left on your hands, rub into your elbows or feet! It feels sooo good. Thanks for letting us know. Blissfully, Kathy

Peaceful and Calm

My dog, Hazel, suffers from severe anxiety brought on by certain sounds but especially fireworks. I ordered Blissful Dog’s Relax Aromatherapy in early July to hopefully help during this year’s firework season. Last year was a nightmare of drooling, shaking, hiding, etc. This year I used the Blissful Dog product on 3 or 4 nights when the fireworks were loud and it really helped. There is no such thing as a miracle when it comes to canine anxiety but with this year, we had no drooling, no shaking and only a little bit of hiding when she hear the sounds. I definitely recommend that you give this product a try for your dog and Blissful Dog is a great company that really cares about their customers so I am happy to support them.

Razzle Dazzle White Pet Shampoo
Jessica Torregrosa
Best Product

We are so happy with our purchase of dazzle dazzle. Our pitbull is white and dark brown patches, it was very hard to find a shampoo that would bring that color back and shine. It makes his color clean, soft and no irritation. We will definitely be purchasing more for our dog. We have recommended razzle dazzle to other pet owner.

Dalmatian Nose Butter
Theresa M Manenkoff
The reluctant patient

Tanker, our Dalmatian, developed a very dry, cracked nose. It was gray and black. Your nose butter has really help him, but I usually have to chase after him to put it on him. Our other dal, Rookie, is more than willing to let me put it on him. He just doesn't need it. Works great.

Elbow Butter

Purchased this product for our 2yr old black Labrador. He had a large callus on one of his elbows. Within 4 weeks this product has reduced the callus and even shows some hair growth. Love the Elbow butter as it’s all natural ingredients and easy to use.

Silky and Fresh Smelling

I use your shampoo and conditioner on my Havanese Stanley and his coat stays fresh and silky in between professional grooming. The Flawless conditioner is great-I apply liberally and then brush Stan out in the shower before rinsing and it leaves his hair moisturized and soft.

Samoyed Nose Butter
Belinda Stowell

Great product!

Boxer Nose Butter
Joseph Winkelbauer

Still as great as the first one.

Pug Boo Boo Butter
Rene Eubanks
Ruby Mae loves it!

We absolutely love your products, after a week of use (3 times a day), Ruby's nose is all healed and she looks beautiful again!
I always thought old dogs were supposed to have crusty noses, wrong! She is 14 years old and she actually sleeps better now that her nose is not cracked and hurting! Thank you for a wonderful product! We will be telling everyone about your products!

Dirty dog to show worthy

I ordered the Stinky Filthy Dog Shampoo and it smells amazing. The dogs look so shiny and got many compliments on their coats at our dog shows. I also used this shampoo with my litters and the families raved on how great they smelled. It doesn’t dry them out and you are left with dandruff. Definitely will be buying more but in the bigger size. I have finally found a shampoo that works perfectly.

Pug Age Well Dog Aromatherapy
Christina Whiting
Sophie Rose is a blissful pug!

Age Well Aromatherapy is really helpful with doggie anxiety and it smells lovely!

Your products work for my Frenchie!


Dachshund Boo Boo Butter
Samantha Medina
Helped tremendously!!

The boo boo butter works so good! I apply it on her chest and within a couple hours it’s so much better. There is no other product I would use on my fur baby Winni

Golden Retriever Nose Butter
Kate Dreher Wells
Nose Butter for Golden

Wonderful Service and Wonderful Product! Best Wishes for continued success!

Bulldog nose butter

The nose butter has really helped our bulldog’s dry, cracked nose. My only suggestion would be to put it it a tube or other container. The one it comes in is a little hard to open.

Works Great!

We've taken a couple of long road trips via car (3 and 2 hour trips without stops), and it has REALLY helped settle our Shiba Inu down. We found the spray and roller combo worked great when we hit start and stop traffic jams. Definitely keeping our car fully stocked.