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Nose Butter® Soothes Your Dog's Dry Nose

nasal hyperkeratosis dog

Does Your Dog Have a Rough, Dry, or Crusty Nose?

What Causes Dry Dog Noses?

Dry dog noses range from a bit dry to extreme dryness called nasal hyperkeratosisWhile not life-threatening, it's uncomfortable, unattractive, and stressful. 

Dry dog nose causes range from environmental to illness, medications, stress, or breed disposition.  More dry dog nose info here. 

    Nasal Hyperkeratosis

    Nasal Hyperkeratosis causes nose tissue to grow uncontrollably, covering the nose in scab-like skin. Dogs with extreme body types are often affected; extremely flat-faced, big, small, bully, etc.

    Nasal Hyperkeratosis is a condition, which can't be cured. Nose Butter controls the symptoms and keeps your dog's nose in shape, but it must be applied regularly to maintain.  

    How Nose Butter Works

    Nose Butter is a thick moisturizer that infuses dry nose tissue with rich layers of all-natural butter and oils. Use Nose Butter® 2-3x a day for 2-3 days or until nose improves, then as needed. 

    Why So Many Dog Breed Labels?

    The breed labels allow you to customize your purchase AND celebrate diversity amongst dog breeds. The product is the SAME, labels are for fun.

    Selecting Your Dog's Nose Butter

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    3. Nose Butter is the EXACT same recipe
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