HOT HOT HOT Nose Butter and Samuel Adams

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It is summertime and things are hot across the Northern Hemisphere. Much as all of my ideas seem to come to me…I was watching TV and a Samuel Adams Ale commercial came on (no, I did not get up and get a beer). They talked about having summer ales and winter lagers etc. and the lightbulb flickered a bit. Then a little later it came on and I thought…”Hey, I could add a little beeswax to the Nose Butter recipe and it would ship better…kind of a Summer Recipe for Nose Butter™!” Tah-de-lah-de-dah!

This will not, of course, make it a solid little block of never-melting Nose Butter goodness, but it will help it not melt quite so fast. So starting, oh, today, Nose Butter will have a touch of Minnesota Organic beeswax in it. Let me know what you think.

Don’t forget to still pop it in the fridge when it arrives, just to be sure. I am also shipping it inside a sandwich baggie for extra protection.

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