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HOT HOT HOT Nose Butter and Samuel Adams

It is summertime and things are hot across the Northern Hemisphere. Much as all of my ideas seem to come to me…I was watching TV and a Samuel Adams Ale commercial came on (no, I did not get up and get a beer). They talked about having summer ales and winter lagers etc. and the lightbulb flickered a bit. Then a little later it came on and I thought…”Hey, I could add a little beeswax to the Nose Butter recipe and it would ship better…kind of a Summer Recipe for Nose Butter™!” Tah-de-lah-de-dah!

This will not, of course, make it a solid little block of never-melting Nose Butter goodness, but it will help it not melt quite so fast. So starting, oh, today, Nose Butter will have a touch of Minnesota Organic beeswax in it. Let me know what you think.

Don’t forget to still pop it in the fridge when it arrives, just to be sure. I am also shipping it inside a sandwich baggie for extra protection.

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