Bulldog Nose Butter

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Bulldog Nose Butter® Individually Handcrafted Moisturizer for Your English Bulldog's Dry Nose 

Your Bulldog's Dry Nose

Something about Bulldogs tickles the human spirit and makes us smile. Is it that face?Their rambunctious playfulness? How many times have you watched that video of the Bulldog skateboarding? Yeah, me too. Bulldogs are just fun dogs! Fun to live with and fun to watch!

Of course you want your Bulldog to look and feel their best. To breathe freely and no more answering, "It's a Bulldog thing" when people ask what's wrong with your dog's nose. Not only does a dry nose affect your dog's looks, it can also cause them to be anxious.

Bulldogs & Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Along with that bullylicious face comes a predisposition toward dry noses. Plus, Bulldogs often have the extreme version of dryness called Nasal Hyperkeratosis (pictured below). Nasal hyperkeratosis is a condition in which skin tissue grows in crusty layers, often covering the dog's nose. More on Nasal Hyperkeratosis in tabs and videos below. The good news is Nose Butter® works for all types of Bulldog dry nose issues, including Nasal Hyperkeratosis.

Your Bulldog Looking & Feeling Great

Bulldog Nose Butter nourishes your dog's dry nose with layers of moisturizing cream-like butters and oils. Not only does your Bulldog look better with a smooth, shiny nose, he feels better, as he can breathe more easily. And, don't forget his mental health! Your Bulldog has that Bulldog swagger back…he knows he looks GOOD and he is getting all the info he could want or need. 

Your Bulldog's Physical & Mental Well-Being

Your Bulldog may not be tracking escaped convicts through swamps or retrieving ducks on a lake, but having a healthy nose is still a big deal. Your Bulldog's moist nose is what grabs the smells and sends them onto the scent sorters in his nose. A dry nose can lead to your Bulldog feeling off their game, out of sorts and frustrated.

You know how we feel when we glance at our cell phone and see NO SERVICE? Frustrated, annoyed or even terrified, depending on the situation! That's how your Bulldog feels when they can't snag smells. On edge, irritated and frustrated. 

Complete Product Info, Ingredients, Directions + Usage for Bulldogs in Tabs & Videos Below

Before Bulldog Nose Butter

Nose Butter Product Details

Product Details

  • Individually handcrafted by The Blissful Dog
  • Available in tins - 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 oz tins
  • Available in tubes 15 oz (lip balm size), .50 oz tubes
  • Unscented or Lightly Scented
  • Includes complete directions booklet
  • Your choice dog breed label 

More Info on Choosing Nose Butter

Info on EXtremely Dry Dog Noses - Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Nose Butter® All Natural Ingredients

Handcrafted By The Blissful Dog Since 2002 Using All Natural Ingredients 

  • all natural and organic ingredients used: 
  • Shea butter
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • cocoa seed butter
  • avocado oil
  • beeswax 
  • unscented - no essential oils
  • scented essential oils; cedar wood, cypress and ylang ylang

Using Nose Butter

Using Nose Butter

  • Warm product before using for faster absorption
  • DAB on your dog's nose
  • DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off
  • REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until improvement
  • Use as needed for maintenance (1-2x a week)
  • Non-toxic, no active ingredients & no harm is licked

More Tips On Using Nose Butter On Uncooperative, Stubborn Dogs - We know you're asking for a friend.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis aka Extreme Dog Nose Dryness

Nasal Hyperkeratosis in Dogs

Nasal Hyperkeratosis is the extremely dry version of a dry dog nose. Any breed, any dog can develop it, but there are a few characteristics or circumstances that can trigger it. More info in video below and here.

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Only the best for Duchess
Of course Duchess deserves the very best and more of it! I'm not sure her buddy in the picture agrees, that is some serious stink that dog is giving us all! We're so happy we could be here for you to help you keep Duchess look and feel like the royalty she is absolutely is. Thank you again! -Kathy
Bulldog Nose Butter
I tracked it again and saw that it arrived by July 30th. I know it took a long time, even by shipping international standards. The pandemic has certainly has shaken up shipping and supply chains! I'm so glad it made it there! -Kathy
Snot good, it’s great!
Thank YOU for letting us know. We love it when our stuff works for our customer's dogs! -Kathy
Baxter gets a nose job !
BAXTER! You are looking so good, my buddy! I know that nose has to feel better and you must be loving sniffing around even more with your nose in shape. Tell your person we appreciate him writing and letting us know about your results. Yep, you are a rock star, Baxter! -Kathy
He deserves the BEST
Yes, your handsome boy absolutely DOES deserve the very best! After Nose Butter time, give him an extra treat from us ;-D -Kathy
Saving Drax`s Nose
Drax is one lucky dog! Not only did he get a new life with you, you've also taken the time to find just what he needs for his nose. We're glad we were here for Drax! Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures of him! -Kathy
Great Product!
And we thank YOU for leaving us such a wonderful review. The Blissful Dog started with my French Bulldogs dry noses, but it didn't take long for my Bulldog friends to start clamoring for Nose Butter. Thank you! -Kathy
Happy EB nose!