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Blissfully Clean Holiday Shampoo Combo


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Blissfully Clean Dog Shampoo Combo for the Freshest, Cleanest Dogs

french bulldog spray shampoo

NO H20 Spray Shampoo

Your Dog Is Clean in 60 Seconds

Spritz on and towel off!
• Simply spray on and towel off
• Cleans & refreshes without bathing
• Non-drying formulation
• Irritation free & alcohol free
• Light scent of Soft Mimosa
• Safe for use on puppies, dogs, cats & kittens > six weeks old
• Ideal for use on puppies, seniors or different-abled pets
• In 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz & gallons

NO H20 Spray Shampoo Info
gentle puppy shampoo

Gentle Touch Dog Shampoo

Gentle Touch for Puppies, Seniors & Sensitive Dogs

Gentle Touch is a mild shampoo for use on tender, aging skin, puppies & dogs with sensitive skin
• Tearless & hypo-allergenic
• Certified organic rose hips oil
• Silk protein & vitamin enriched
• Light Mandarin Jasmine & Honey Fragrance
• Dilutes up to 10:1
• Available in 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, gallons & bar soap

Gentle Touch Shampoo & Soap Info
cleaning dog ears

Simply Clean Dog Ear Cleaner

Simply Clean Dog Ears...Boom. Done.

We wanted an ear cleaner that just CLEANED. DOG. EARS. So, Simply Clean Dog Ear Cleaner was created to (wait for it)...clean dog's ears.

• Cleans ear canals
• Dissolves wax 
• Reduces yeast buildup
• Soothes itchy ears
• Eliminates smelly ear odor 
• Non-drying, non-irritating
• Non-medicated & non-veterinary

Simply Clean Dog Ear Cleaner info
pomeranian dog cologne

Strut Essence of Dog Cologne

Strut Cologne dogs exude a certain je ne sais quoi that will not be defined...but is oh, so obvious.

Appropriate for boy dogs or girls, day or night…Strut is attitude.

Strut shares the depth of anise seed, tonka bean, brown sugar, amaretto, with a bit of brightness of lily, cherry, cranberry & lemon.

Strut's rich, opulent scent refreshes your dog's aroma, detangles their coat, imbuing them with poise.

Strut Dog Cologne info