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leonberger coat care

Spritz & Spray The Funk Away

Simply Everything Fresh Deodorizing Spray - Simply Fresh doesn't just mask odors, it busts smelly smells apart and gets your abode back to fresh smelling FAST. It has a gentle scent of Pink Grapefruit, a hint of a scent, not an assault on your senses. Use in home, auto or on your pet. Complete directions in product page.

NO H20 Spray Shampoo - NO H20 Spray Shampoo saves you time + money! What's not to like about that? Spritz on your dog (or cat) and towel off. Boom. Done. 

Fresh Flat Face Wash - For both flat-faced dogs and those with extra skin and pendulous jowls. Just a quick spray on a washcloth and wipe your dog's face clean. Great to use on those inverted tail areas. Yeah, somebody has to keep it clean.

Shine-On+Sheen Coat Spray & Leave-In Conditioner - We LOVE Shine-ON! It detangles, dematts, conditions, adds sheen and smells great. Yes, we're gushing, but this product deserves to be gushed over.

Simply Clean Ear Cleaner - Yeah, we know this isn't a spray, but we couldn't figure out where else to put it. Simply Clean Ear Cleaner does just that...cleans ears.