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English Toy Spaniel Fresh Face Wash

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English Toy Spaniels

Your English Toy Spaniel's Face Will Be Blissfully Clean in Minutes!

If you a dollar for every time someone either called your ETS a Cavalier or asked if they were a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you could buy Twitter or Facebook! It doesn't help with the identity issues to call them King Charles Spaniels throughout the non-USA. No matter what anyone calls them, English Toy Spaniels are loving, sweet-natured angels wrapped in the silkiest coat.

Just as many other baby-faced dogs with large, expressive eyes, ETS can develop issues with accumulating tears, food, water, and more in their nose wrinkle or where the tears roll down. This can cause a musty-smelling mess that can lead to fungal or bacterial issues. The good news is regular usage of Fresh Face Wash can help lessen those cleanliness issues and keep your sweetie cuddling fresh. We all know English Toy Spaniels are stellar cuddlers.

Bliss Bit! We have a 13-year old Black & Tan English Toy Spaniel who was my lap dog for years. Then my husband's Frenchie passed and I noticed Gio spending more and more time with Steve. Then just like that, Gio ditched me for Steve and never looked back! Ouch!

Fresh Face Wash No More Funky Faces

Ready for a Close-up Cuddle

• Quickly cleans flatter faces

• Non-drying formulation

• Alcohol & Irritation free

• Lightly scented with a gentle hint of Soft Mimosa

• Safe for use on dogs and cats over six weeks of age

• Water

• Mild Coconut derived cleanser (Coco Betaine & Ammonium Laureth Sulfate)

• Panthenol (Provitamin B5)

• Centrimonium Chloride

• Aloe

•Fragrance (Soft Mimosa & Nectar Botanical Essences)

• Citric Acid

• Silver Citrate

Available in several sizes:

• 4 oz spray mist bottle

• 8 oz spray mist bottle

• 16 oz trigger spray bottle

• US Gallon bottle

bulldog sour face

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Susan Sutherland
Your products work for my Frenchie!


Christine Donda
Fresh Face the best results!!!

This product has helped keep my show dogs white faces so clean!!!! Love it!!! Toffee gives it 2 paws up!

Perfect face wash

Love this face wash spray for my bully it cleaned his tear stains so easily. The soft face cloth is perfect for sensitive skin and he Even smell nice and clean after

Thank you! Thank you! Sometimes they don't need a nose to toes bath and the Fresh Face Wash is just enough! Our flat-faced dogs just need a little extra care, but they are SO worth it! Kathy

If you have Bulldogs and not using these products your missing out

Don't have FOMO... just use these products... I've used them on all my Frenchies...Flat Face Wash. Nose, Paw, and Boo Boo Butter. Love them all excellent service, quick shipping and dog babies love it! Thank you Folks @ Blissful Dog.

Rene B
Nose Butter

The nose butter works so well! Our Frenchie’s nose looks so much better. No more crusty nose!

Thank you, thank you for sharing your review! Frenchies are too adorable to have a yucky, crusty nose. -Kathy PS - My apologies for this tardy reply...I got behind on well, everything

Deborah Hayes
Happy Boxer

We purchased the Booboo butter for his face which he was rubbing an had it raw, and crusted places on his ears that had been there for months. Crust is gone and face healed. Thank you

Stacey Cronyn
Face wash extraordinaire!!

I am a frequent user of face wash for my small army of Brussels Griffon in Ottawa, Canada. Twice a day feedings for my flat faces half of which have beards have had me in hot pursuit of a products that can gently but effectively clean faces. This is it! A very soft scent and a gentle wash that moisturizizes nose and beard and gets out the dinner and other bits the beards and faces have accumulated through the day. Kathy from Blussful dog is a delight to deal with and genuinely wants the experience of purchase to be a pleasant one. It really was for me. I can’t recommend this product enough!

AMAZING! (Of course!)

This product is AMAZING!!! It smells WONDERFUL & of course works amazing! I cannot day enough about The Blissful Dog products. They 1.) WORK! 2.) SAFE! 3.) Affordable! I used as directed with also applying the boo boo butter after cleaning. My French bulldogs face was so soft & smelt so good! Thank you AGAIN for making a truly great product!