Labrador Retriever Focus Dog Aromatherapy


Focus Dog Aromatherapy for Labrador Retriever Concentration

Whether you are taking an obedience class, getting ready for field-work or just want your dog come when called, your dog may need a bit of a boost in the paying attention department.

Focus Dog Aromatherapy for Your Labrador Retriever's Canine Concentration

  • Obedience class and practice
  • Conformation class and competition
  • Agility class and competition
  • Field training and trials
  • Hunting, tracking and retriever hunting training and trials

TIP: Use as needed, but try not to overuse. If FOCUS is dedicated for times you are actively doing something with your dog, then it will mean TIME TO FOCUS to them. Don't dilute that message by using it just to get them to pay more attention generally. 

      Using Focus Dog Aromatherapy

      Tips for Using Focus Dog Aromatherapy for Maximum Canine Concentration

      • Begin to apply prior to event when concentration is desired
      • Work with your dog in a calm, gentle manner
      • Reapply frequently, as needed for your dog's attention
      • Use Focus Dog Aromatherapy Roll-on and Spray together to amplify results
      • TIP: Use as needed, but don’t overuse. If Focus is only used when you are actively training or competing with your dog, it will mean Time To Focus to them

      Using Focus Spray Aromatherapy

      • Spritz over your dog's body from the ears back (don't spray in their face-dogs don't like that)
      • Alternate application: spray onto your hands and pet your dog
      • Spray paper towel or cloth and rub cloth over your dog
      • Spray their bedding, crate, inside vehicle prior to travel to event
      • Use as needed to for concentration at event

      Using Age Well Roll-On Aromatherapy

      • Roll on in a circular motion, inside your dog's ears
      • Roll on their groin/belly area or throat (less hair in these areas)
      • Roll onto your hands and pet your dog
      • Roll onto paper towel or cloth and rub cloth over your dog
      • Reapply as needed to help your dog pay attention


      Focus Dog Aromatherapy Ingredients

      Focus Dog Aromatherapy All Natural Ingredients 

      Focus Dog Aromatherapy is individually handcrafted here in far northern Minnesota at The Blissful Dog. Each bottle is hand-poured, one-by-one for your dog.

      Focuss Dog Aromatherapy Carrier Ingredients

      • Roll-on - carrier of organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil  
      • Spray - carrier of distilled water and natural emulsifier

      Essential Oils Used in Focus Dog Aromatherapy

      • BERGAMOT uplifts and balances
      • CEDAR WOOD grounds and reduces panic
      • CYPRESS soothes frazzled emotions
      • FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety
      • GRAPEFRUIT enlivens the mind
      • LAVENDER classic calming
      • MYRHH relieves agitation and also balances
      • VETIVER stress relief
      • YLANG YLANG balances raw nerves and uplifts



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