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TESTIMONIAL German Shepherd Dry Nose

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German Shepherd metal tinsDear Kathy,

I am so glad that I acid gently stumbled upon your website while searching for watches for my wife. I know, that sounds a little weird so I’ll explain. I “Googled” ruby encrusted watches since I had seen a diamond encrusted watch that I thought she would love, but given her birthday is in July, I figured I’d look for a ruby one. Let’s just say that I never found one because when the Google shopping results came up, the third recommendation was for your dog nose butter for “crusty” noses. I got so excited that I abandoned my watch search and clicked on your product.

You see, we adopted a German Shepherd mix from a shelter back in November of 2010. I had been a stay at home husband with no kids due to several failed back surgeries for about two years and it was getting into winter time and I knew I was just going to be lonely and bored during the day while my wife was at work, so we decided to get me a dog to keep me company. As soon as they brought Carly home, we just fell in love with her.

About a week later, she developed this dry right nostril and I tried everything to help it heal, but nothing worked, and I mean EVERYTHING, Cortisone cream, antibiotic ointment, organic bio oil for the treatment of scars to the most expensive hand creams you can find. I was so deperate because the cracks that were beginning to form were catching debris as she sniffed around outside and began plugging up her nose. I had to clean it out daily. I had brought Carly to the vet and they said that she had a variation of Lupus, not to be confused with the human disease as it isn’t fatal in dogs, it just causes this dry nostril issue. They recommended cortisone cream and I had already tried that. I felt so bad for Carly.

Anyway, after almost four years of trying hundreds of different products, I literally stumbled upon your Nose Butter. It arrived three days ago and I immediately read the instructions, (distraction IS KEY by the way :-),) and applied and prayed. When I went to do my daily nostril inspection this morning, no dryness, no peeling and for the very first time in almost four years, it was cold and wet just like the rest of her nose! I could almost cry!

So, from the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH for developing this product! Carly is finally breathing normally and her risk of infection is zero now! I just had to send you our story since we were getting pretty down about Carly’s issue and couldn’t imagine the discomfort that she was in and your miracle cure has gotten rid of it, and after only two days! Amazing!

Mike, Jenni and Carly B.

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