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Dog Aromatherapy Relax

dog aromatherapy
Is Your Dog Terrified By Thunder? Frazzled By Fireworks? 

It is heartbreaking to see our normally calm dogs become terrified when it thunders or fireworks pop. Our frightened dogs often shake, tremble and even drool with fear. Just as many people are terrified of public speaking, spiders, snakes or flying, our dogs are often triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks, being alone and traveling. 

Using Relax Dog Aromatherapy Spray to Calm Your Dog

Relax Dog Aromatherapy spray uses a custom blend of safe essential oils to gently calm your dog's anxiety. Relax is NOT a doggie downer, it won't sedate them. Relax CAN help take the edge off and make a stressful time more tolerable. Of course, not every dog will have the same response. Your dog's degree of anxiety and personality type should be taken into consideration. Some breeds are often wound tighter than others, yep, looking at my Russell Terrier buddies. For those dogs, the effects may not be as dramatic. 

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