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Akita Relax Dog Aromatherapy

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Relax Dog Aromatherapy Calms Your Akita's Fears, Anxieties and Stress

Using Relax Dog Aromatherapy

Using Relax Dog Aromatherapy

• Begin application of Relax before, or as soon as possible after onset of trigger (Before fireworks start)
• Calmly reassure your dog
• Reapply as needed
• Use Spray and Roll-on together for maximum effectiveness

Using Relax Roll-on 
Roll inside ears or on belly
• Roll on your hands & pet dog

Using Relax Spray
Shake gently before using
• Spray dog–from ears back
• Spray hands & pet dog
• Spray washcloth & rub dog
• Spray bed, crate & inside car

Relax Dog Aromatherapy Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients

Cedarwood grounds & reduces panic
Cypress soothes frazzled emotions
Frankincense quiets anxiety
Lavender classic calming
Vetiver stress relief
Bergamot uplifts and balances
Roll-on carrier - organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil
Spray carrier- distilled water and emulsifier

Creating Safe Space for Your Dog

Preparing for 4th of July (or any noisy period), Thunderstorm Season For Your Anxious Dog

The 4th of July is what many dog owners dread, for those in the rest of the world, substitue your fireworks day. For dog owners the 4th of July, etc. can be stressful for all.

With some planning and a bit of preparation you can sail through these events with a minimum amount of stress and anxiety.

Full transparency...we do not have a magic potion that melts all of your dog's fear away and has them romping around the park or lake as fireworks explode.

We do offer our tried and true Relax Dog Aromatherapy which soothes the ragged edges of your dog's fear and helps calm them down enough to survive the holiday.

Download our EZ 4th of July Prep Checklist Download Here. Opens in new window.

1. Have Designated Dog Watcher
2. Confirm them on the 3rd
3. Microchip my dog
4. Have current tags
5. Make DIY tag if traveling with my dog
6. Keep dog inside during fireworks
7. Potty breaks on leash - even in yard
8. Turn on tv, fan, a/c for white noise
9. Have crate available
10. Start using Relax Dog Aromatherapy
before the fireworks start
11. Keep calm and chill

Top 3 Tips

1) Plan ahead - Open checklist and USE IT.

One of the Tips - Determine a Designated Dog Watcher if your dog is extremely terrified of fireworks and yes, the DDW will have to stay with them

2) Double check

3) Use Relax

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Karen MacDonald
It works.

My dog experiences stress when out around other dogs, partially due to lacking confidence, and a couple of unfortunate incidents that results in them being afraid of other dogs. Using both applications of relax therapy, they are calm enough to deal with life and being out and about. Love this product!

Brandy Williams-Lowe
Love these products and so does our dogs

These products work, smell great and don’t break the bank… a triple win!

Emily Hinrichs
Paw Balm

Amazing! Shadow's paws are already softer and less scratchy after only 2 uses.

We have a soft spot for all the big livestock guard dogs around here, so we always send some big love their way. Thanks for letting us know about Shadow's soft paws and enjoy scratch-free cuddles! My Pry used to slap me when she wanted my attention and getting whomped by one of those paws got my attention!

Sue Nixon

I love the products I purchased from you.

Thank you so much for letting us know! Poms are just glorious balls of fluffy love and we're thrilled to help your Poms look and feel Pom Perfect! –Kathy

Susan Funahara
Amazing products and amazing customer Service … Kathy picks up the phone!

I have been using RELAX , Nose Butter And The shampoo for a really ling time… My black pug Roman will be 11 in January and we have never spent even one night apart.. He is a frequent flyer and Relax is essential for travel. .. for him and me by the way … Kathy is just amzing and Roman andcI both love the customized breed packaging ❤️

It was a gift

They love the paw butter and calming spray alot thank you so very much

Rich Walters
Lily girl Dauchsand

Seems to help her calm down when she gets upset and barking. We use the Aromatherapy spray on her ears and neck. We then lightly pet her coat. We also use the roll on inside both ears as described. Very nice fragrance.


Dolly and I both love your products.
We will be shopping again soon.

Thank you to you and Dolly for letting us know how everything is working for you. We look forward to many years of helping your Tibetan Terrier look and feel good! -Kathy

Relax Roll-On

It's my second purchase and my pup loves it! and the smell is not strong than the other ones i'd tried. Thank you so much for Blissfull Dog :)

Thank YOU for letting us know how well your cutie did with our Relax Dog Aromatherapy. I wish I could fly through the internet and give her a cuddle. We use a LOT of Relax here at the office on some of our more reactive dogs and it sure does help! -Kathy

Earleen Bender-Kraus
Fixing the Shih-Tzu Shakes

I’ve only had one instance where I needed to use the spray. I sprayed him and my hands and started petting him. Pretty soon he calmed down and went to sleep. What do you suggest for chewing on his paw?

So glad the Relax worked just like it is supposed to work for your sweetie. Now, onto the paw chewing. That can be a tough one as there are a lot of things that could cause it. Some do it as a self-soothing ploy like a kid sucking their thumb. Some do it because there is something in their foot bothering them (sticker or burr or tiny hair mat). Sometimes (less often) it can be allergies. I'd start with the easy one first and have your groomer check her feet very carefully. My little English Toy Spaniel (he's Black and Tan) gets tiny mats in his pads and screams if we touch his feet. The next time you go to the vet ask them if you don't find anything physical. Hope this helps! -Kathy