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Blissful Elbow™ Butter Conditions Your Dog's Elbow Calluses

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All the FAQs On Your Dog's Elbow Calluses

Everything Elbow Callus

What Causes Elbow Calluses?

Your dog's overprotective ulna bone tries to protect the bony part of the elbow that hits the ground first. With every landing on a hard surface, the ulna tells the skin to get thicker and thicker, and pretty soon there is a callus. 

Enough hard landings can cause the callus to become cracked, bloody, infected, or ulcerated.

To top it off, every time your dog slams down on a hard surface, the callus is made thicker. or recreated.

Our large/giant breed dogs (not fat-shaming) put more force/weight into their landing, which multiplies the effects. It's a vicious callus-creating cycle! 

Heavily coated giant breeds don't usually have as many elbow callus issues as shorter coated breeds, as their coat softens the blow of the elbow against the ground.

In warmer areas hard surfaces are usually cooler for big dogs, creating a dilemma. Your Lab is hot and just wants to spread across the cool concrete of the patio. He doesn't care about his elbow calluses, he just wants to cool his belly.

Your Newfie has so much coat, that slamming to the ground is softened. Good thing your Newfie is too polite to gloat!

• Provide comfy beds in multiple locations

• Encourage your dog to use them

•Use Blissful Elbow® Butter 

• Keep calluses clean 

• Keep your dog at a healthy weight

• Consult your veterinarian as needed (if it bleeds or becomes fluid-filled)

While Blissful Elbow™ Butter can help the callus heal, it cannot cure the tendency toward calluses.

Clients have reported calluses disappearing completely and hair growing back, BUT that is not guaranteed. Like those weight loss ads that say, “These results are not typical of all users.” 

• It depends on if your dog continues to land hard on their elbows.

• It depends on if your dog will use their bed, at least some of the time.

• It depends on how thick the calluses were to begin with.

Remember, your dog re-creates the callus when they lie on a hard surface.

Elbow Butter conditions the callus and helps keep it from bleeding, The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial power of our herbal ingredients help keep infections at bay.

Most dogs do experience a lessening in size of the callus and it becomes more pliable and less tight and restrictive.

Keeping expectations real!

#1 Tip! WARM For faster absorption put the tin or tube in your pocket for a few minutes to warm it.

Wipe callus clean.

Scoop a bit out with finger or spoon (if in tin), warm more in your palm if needed.

DAB or rub on dog's elbow callus

DISTRACT with a treat, pet them, go for a walk


DISTRACTto keep your dog from licking it off (give treat, feed dinner, go for walk)

REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until there is improvement

Use as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)

Keep off carpet and furniture for 10-15 minutes after application.

We've seen suspender-looking/sling things one puts on to keep their dog from licking. Use your own judgement, my dogs would make it worse to get that contraption off. You may have better luck! Or better trained dogs.

Products have no active ingredients and will not harm your dog if they lick some off. But we want the product to get it's work done, so distract away!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Carol j Marks
Elbow butter

The elbow butter makes her elbows a lot softer 😊 thank you!

Blissful Dog

The elbow butter is great!

Belkis Perez
Miracle elbow butter!

I bought this miracle butter for my 7 year old labrador. It’s amazing, it really works! Her elbow has improved significantly!

Kathryn Dely
Another great product from Blissful!

I always used your paw butter for my best friend (who unfortunately recently passed). It was the very only product that I would trust on her pads so I knew when I needed elbow butter for my foster husky, I had to get it from Blissful. I’m already seeing a difference in his elbows which is so great. I had no doubt that it would work. It moisturizes and protects without being greasy, it’s fantastic. Thank you!

Elbow Butter

Purchased this product for our 2yr old black Labrador. He had a large callus on one of his elbows. Within 4 weeks this product has reduced the callus and even shows some hair growth. Love the Elbow butter as it’s all natural ingredients and easy to use.

Kenneth Guthrie
Very Happy With Results

This is our second order of elbow butter for our 11 year old yellow lab Barbie. The had bad elbow callouses. No hair. Red and cracked and bleeding sometimes. Twice daily applications helped the cracking and bleeding almost right away. Then, as time went by, the hair grew back. We experimented with a maintenance routine and have settled on once a day treatments. We couldn't be happier!

Bonney Eken
Elbow butter

Nothing short of miraculous. So easy to apply as well. Began using 3 weeks ago, and the horrible scabbing has completely softened, and Quill (dog) appears so much more comfortable when laying on his elbows. I’ve recommended to every dog lover I know,

Laura Varela
Its working

So far we been using it for three weeks and its working Venus our German shepherd .it was pretty bad she keeps licking the scab off her elbow so at night I put the elbow butter on watch her for awhile so it soaks in then I will put a loose sock over it so she doesn't lick it at night . We have been putting the elbow butter twice a day during the day I dont covered it because I can keep an eye on her so far it's been working

Hang in there! Elbolw Calluses are a much tougher issue to deal with than some of the other ailments we have products for. Your dog is VERY fortunate to have you going the extra mile for her. Love her name, too! Thank you for keeping us appraised of hopw she is doing! Kathy PS - Now I have that Shocking Blue Venus song from 1968 stuck in my mind. I showed my age, didn't I?

Suzanne Hartzel
Dry Elbows

I tried Blissful's elbow butter and I must say it does make a difference in my 140 pound Rottweiler's dry, white, cracked elbows. I will be a return customer for sure!

A VERY Blissful Dog

My foster dog Triton came to us with lots of pressure sores on his joints and skin, from laying on hard surfaces. After 3 weeks, he is truly a Blissful Dog and there are no wounds visible. His brother Kane also enjoys the flavor and helps with clean up.