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Sniffing Irresistible New Dog Colognes

No Old Fashioned, Stuck in the Mud Colognes for Our Blissful Dogs

Blissful Dogs can't be bothered with silly rules and only boy dogs colognes can smell musky, rich and intriguing or only girls dogs can have lighter, more floral smells. We believe in smelling how you feel!

Our dogs have personalities as different as we do, and usually much more chill and sweeter, so let's honor all of their nuances. So, how do you know which cologne is going to bring out your dog's personality? In honor of our beloved BuzzFeed, we have a quiz!

Take Our Sniffing Irresistible Quiz To Find Out Which Cologne Is Right For Your Dog

  1. Does your dog love chasing a ball, frisbee, stick, anything thrown? Yes No
  2. Is your dog's favorite past time going to the dog park so the other dogs can be jealous of their style and good looks? Yes No
  3. Does your dog have a very best friend at doggie day care or the dog park? Yes No

Did your dog answer…

Yes to #1 - Simply CC will showcase their larger-than-life joyousness.

Yes to #2 - Strut will enhance your dog's already magnetic personality.

Yes to #3 - First Sniff will allow your dog's big-hearted love to shine even brighter.

Yes to more than one or all three, your dog needs a variety of colognes for their every mood.

Want to know more? Sure you do...check out STRUT, First Sniff and Simply CC.

Sniff Out Your Dog's Best Cologne Here

Colognes for your unique dog

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