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Dog Cologne Collection Sniffing Irresistible

dog colognes

What Does A Blissful Dog Smell Like?

They Are...Sniffing Irresistible

A Blissful Dog is not constrained by cologne boundaries that say a boy dog has to smell like saddle leather and 2 x 4s or a girl dog has to smell like a delicate peony awash in mystery...unless they want to! Instead, we offer a trio of scents to appeal to and enhance your dog's personality, mood or celebrate an occasion. From First Sniff, which celebrates your dog's loyalty, love and playfulness to Simply CC, which is an ode to the classically fresh vibe of good clean fun to our headier fragrance, STRUT, which says, "Look at me! I absolutely am all that!" Not only do our dog colognes smell delightful, but they also gently detangle and condition the coat.