Kelly…Animal Communicator Saves the Day!

My dear friend, Kelly, sent me this email. Her excitement and relief is just palpable…My mom called about 4 pm this afternoon in hysterics.  Her 17 year old terrier mix, Harley was missing. They have a doggie door which Harley would go out, do his business and come back in.  Mom worked today and while she was a work, Wally wasn’t paying attention to Harley’s whereabouts.  They typically don’t have to because Harley is blind and deaf, so he doesn’t stray.

Well today Harley decided to stray.  Mom and Wally searched the neighborhood for hours.  They live in rural central AZ.  Tonight it’s dropping down to 20 and they are expecting snow. I told mom to email a picture of Harley to me.  I sent it to a friend of mine who is an animal communicator.

She went online and got a satellite picture of Mom’s neighborhood.  Linda was able to get in touch with Harley.  He decided to go on an adventure and got lost.  Linda told him to stay still, to find a bush to lay next to, since he is blind he couldn’t see where to go.  Linda then told my parents that Harley was between Telephone Rd. and Encanto Dr.  They know Telephone Rd., but never heard of Encanto Dr.  So Wally took off and drove down Telephone Rd., he pulled over and walked down a path, thru a field and found Harley laying next to some tall grass.

Wally looked at a map to see when Encanto Dr. was, he said that was exactly where he found Harley.

Now, mind you, my step-dad WAS a HUGE skeptic, he only drove down Telephone Rd. because of his guilt of not watching the dog. We are all still amazed and thankful that Harley was found and is safe at home.

I’ve used Linda for animal communication, but never for a lost animal.  She is amazing.

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