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labrador retriever elbow callus

These Young Dogs Never Think About the Consequences of Not Protecting Their Elbows! Stern, Tough Love and Elbow Education From Concerned Adult Dogs

lab lies on concrete

Young Dogs Please Stay Strong! Resist the Lure!

It’s all fun and games when you’re a
young pup. You think nothing about running around with older Labs, partying with Golden Retrievers, Cavaliers, even Chihuahuas and sleeping anywhere you flop.

You young dogs slam down on the cool, sweet, sweet concrete, not thinking about your elbows until you get ...ELBOW CALLUSES!!!😱

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lab has elbow callus

Elbow Calluses, Not In Our Family!

Please, don’t end up like your cousin, Chase, with elbow calluses the size of golf balls. All the dogs at the dog park was barking about his elbow calluses and how careless he had been! His mother couldn't show her snout at the dog park she was so ashamed. 😩

We’re Elbow Butter Labs with smooth, healthy elbows!

What Actually Causes Elbow Calluses?

Every time you lie down on the concrete, hardwood floors, decks, hard dirt, or tile, your elbows slam down first. The ulna bone (the pointy elbow bone) in a valiant effort to protect itself creates, yep, you guessed it, a callus!

Then every single time you hit your elbows as you lie down the protective Ulna Bone makes the callus even thicker!

dog elbow calluses

Remember the 3 Rules of Elbow Callus Care

Rule #1:Only sleep on comfy beds or sofas
Rule #2: Resist the siren call of cool concrete, tile, hard dirt, and such. No splooting!
Rule #3: Always use Elbow Butter for conditioning, moisturizing & protection

All dogs deserve healthy, smooth elbows.

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