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EZBoy Continued…

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French bulldog yoga

Our Wheelchair French Bulldog EZBoy

Today I will chat about some of the things we did to work with EZBoy in the initial stages of his recovery. Once the incision had healed and stitches were out, we started letting him scoot around more to keep his muscles toned. He lost quite a bit of weight (for a little dog) and it was so sad to see this buff little guy (picture is before all this) lose his rear end muscularity. But, he never, not once ever wavered in his brilliantly optimistic attitude. He would look up at us and just grin from ear to ear!

EZBoy had lost all use of his rear end at this time, so we would put a towel under his middle and walk him all around the house encouraging him to use his legs. We (ok, I did all this, but it sounds better to say we-hahaha) also filled the tub every day and floated him, letting him use his back legs. Actually, at this stage, they just floated, but it gave him a nice bath.

As you might have guessed EZBoy was, and is, incontinent. Of course, he scoots of any of the myriad of belly bands and diaper-like products we have tried and earned quite a few nicknames. Snail Trail is my favorite! Yeah, we mop a lot…

We also used my BooBoo Butter on his back, massaging in extra essentail oils. I also used Young Living Oil’s Raindrop Therapy and did essential oil massages along his spine.

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