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EZBoy and I are still in Crystal Lake, Il with Kelly. We visited TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic twice this past week. FIRST…we met our dear friend Kathi Luljak and her girl, Demi, and got to see Demi do her exercises. Demi was down in a swim tank and walking on a treadmill. We could even see her feet as she walked via an underwater camera.

The first visit, we met with Laurie MacCauley, DVM and she came him an uber-complete examination. He was measured, his range of flexibility was checked, every muscle was poked and prodded and examined. His spine was checked vertebrae by vertebrae and carefully noted. Then came the good word…he WILL absolutely be able to walk again!  

His muscles that are for walking are in great shape and the muscles that are used to STABILIZE him when he does stand up are NOT. So, we will be doing a series of exercises to strengthen his stabilizer muscles and get him walking! He also was fitted with carpal braces to keep his feet pointed the front way and to force him to get his back legs up under him and to…walk! Then he got a complete acupuncture session and it really helped him get up on his feet better and better. THEN he got to do his swimming therapy.

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