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What Do I FEED MY Dog?

2 min read

What Do I FEED MY Dog?

Have you been to the pet food store lately and looked, I mean REALLY looked at all the choices available? Row after row after row of food for your beloved dog…each one promising to be all they need and yummy to boot. Where do you start and how do you pick the best one for your dog? If you check out many of the forums online you will see that the subject of dog food can bring up emotions that are a bit, shall we say, heated in people. If left to their own devices, I know my dogs would eat a laundry list of heinous stuff that would shame us all…so what to do???

We all know we should eat organic fruits and veggies and consciously raised protein sources and hopefully, we will do the same for our dogs. Just like for us, what we feed our dogs (and how much) will determine how healthy your dog is. Dogs that receive all of the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other juicy good stuff, will usually be in better health than those generic fed dogs. It just makes sense to feed your dog a top of the line, holistic pet food!

So why is a holistic dog food so good for dogs? Common sense…just like for us…

• No harmful ingredients. Unlike many dog foods, holistic, or organic dog food never add preservatives, additives, dyes, etc. Ingredients are fresh and checked and the source is known and trusted. I know I felt so violated when the pet food ingredients were coming in from harmful sources (China). Even though I know no one purposefully tried to harm the pets, greed reared its ugly head…sigh.

• Make Your Dog’s Food Yourself! Yep, you can be a Top Dog Chef! Tis can range from feeding raw (that is a huge subject in and if itself) to actually cooking for your dog. This post just throws out the option. This is the best way to be 100% sure you know what is going into your dog (and eventually coming out…teehee).

• Added EXtras! Many organic or holistic dog foods offer Omega3s and 6s, probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are all very well known health boosters for everyone! Even though you may see these ingredients listed on mass produced foods, they are usually not of top quality and not usually the correct quantity…advertising tease, if you will.

• Promotes good health. With all natural ingredients and added nutrients, your dog should just be healthier. Shiny eyes, pliant nose leather, stamina, better teeth…all come from optimal health.

• Should save money. Organic food is usually more expensive, but a healthier dog will require fewer trips to the vet. Less allergies (#1 issue for many pet owners), better teeth, more active.

Now, if I only took as good of care of myself and my husband as I do my dogs! I know I am NOT alone in this one! More on this subject soon!

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