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Yaks, and Bears and Dogs, Oh My!

2 min read

Great Pyrenees

What a way to start your day!

Yesterday morning I was out feeding Kundun, my nine week old Yak his am bottle, just enjoying the moment when something caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a big, fat, ugly dog tearing along beside the fence, just a few feet away from us. Right on his heels was Zoe, my big, fluffy Great Pyrenees dog. You know how thoughts flicker through your mind…I was thinking, “That is one fat, ugly dog,” “Did my neighbors get a new dog?”, “That dog runs funny.” Then my brain kicked in and I knew…BEAR! From his size, I estimated him to be in the 250-300 pound range, probably a year or so old…

I looked over and all the alpacas had scurried to the fence line and were very curiously watching the scenario unfold. Zoe was chasing him, but not in a frantic way…more like she was just “shooshing” him away from HER property.

Then some neighbors pulled up and yelled out, asking if I had seen the bear. They told me he was standing at the end of our driveway, standing up on his hind legs, beside our Dancing Bear Resort sign, which pictures a bear, well, dancing. Of course, they fumbled with cell phones, trying to get a picture…but the scene only lasted a moment! We laughed about it and they went on their way.

I looked down and realized that throughout all of this Kundun, in true Yak fashion, had not missed a beat and was finishing off his six pints of breakfast. I guess that pretty much showed where his priorities were!

Zoe strutted around all day…she knew she had, yet again, done what the Great Pyrenees was bred to do for thousands of years…guard people, property and her animal charges.

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