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Ramblings on Tins

1 min read

the blissful dog tins

I am a Leo (appearances are a big deal) and a visual person, so how stuff “looks” is a BIG deal to me. But it also has to work for YOU, my Blissful Peeps. So, I have agonized over how to get the butters to you in this super hot summer we are having.

After way more research than I care to admit, here is what we have…the tubes are shipping very well, the bigger tins contents do not melt like the 1 oz ones do, something Einsteinian like mass and bulk (eyes rolled back in head) AND if I use a screw-top tin it also keeps the product within even better. Let me digress, only a handful of people have reported issues, but I want everything perfect for you (that is worth some “therapist couch-time”), so that is why I am sharing all this here…

If you do NOT want the screw top lid, just let me know and I will use the regular ez-open slip lid. When it is NOT summer, we will be using the standard slip-top tin, but in hot months I will use the screw top. I just exhausted myself with all of this and probably three people on earth care, but for some reason I am feeling moved to share all this…

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