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Cesar’s Way Magazine Featured Products

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Cesar’s Way Magazine!

The Blissful Dog was featured in the Product Showcase section of the February 2013 print issue of Cesar’s Way magazine. We are absolutely giddy over this. The Blissful Dog is participating in New York Pet Fashion Show Week and Cesar’s Way is one of the big sponsors. A connection was made and The Blissful Dog got a nice plug in this issue (February 2013) of Cesar’s Way magazine.

Steve and I have loved Cesar Milan’s energy and his passion for the dogs and the people whose lives he touches for years. That makes this connection even more fun. Here is a bit of info on the Cesar Milan Foundation.

A longtime dream of Cesar Millan, the Cesar Millan Foundation has provided financial support and rehabilitation expertise to animal shelters around the United States since its inception on Valentine’s Day 2007. Cesar describes the mission:

“Through the strong support of my fans, I was able to fulfill my dreams. My many years of experience in the rehabilitation of dogs of every breed and background have taught me that most animals can make excellent companions, and that all many of them need is the proper care and a second chance. Too often it is the owner who has given up on a pet, or mistreated it in some way that has made it inhospitable. These centers work diligently to rehabilitate dogs and find them good homes rather than exterminate them, a resort I think is never acceptable. Some of these shelters are woefully underfunded, though their hearts are in the right place. We provide assistance to the best of them whenever and wherever we can so that these great animals will continue to make great companions.”

In addition to supporting no-kill shelters and other organizations committed to saving dogs and relocating misplaced and misunderstood dogs, The Cesar Millan Foundation has specific programs to help nurture lifelong healthy relationships between people and dogs.

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