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Pug Colors

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Pug Colors

What Color IS Your Pug?

The American Kennel Club only recognizes fawn and black. Each color has a “black mask” which should be very distinct on a fawn colored Pug and not so much on a black Pug (it is there-just masked-hehe).

There is a “rare” silver color that supposedly dates back to the mid-1800s. There seems to have been a rivalry between the Morrison breeders, who favored the golden or apricot fawn coloring and the Willoughbys. The Willoughbys preferred the silver fawn, which has been referred to as a stone fawn.

The black Pug was recognized as a variety of the Pug in 1896 by the Kennel Club in London. Lady Brassey is credited with making black pugs fashionable after she brought some back from China in 1886.

No matter what color your Pug is, it will be THE perfect color!

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