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The Blissful Dog Quote for the Day – If In Doubt, Bling It Out

Here at The Blissful Dig we firmly believe in the concept of sparkle, glitter and oh yes, BLING! So, if you are ever in doubt about anything, go ahead BLING IT OUT! This goes for not only the actual physical bling that is so much fun to pop onto collars, coats, t-shirts, what the hell – EVERYTHING…but also for the energetic and mental BLING we so often forget about. Forget what those stuffy old rammer-police types say – add an !. Shit, ad a string of ’em!!!

Our playbow Pug believes in BLING with all of her (or his-we don’t judge) heart. Bedecked and bedazzled this Pug is ready to sashay into your life and throw some glitter onto your day.

Make your life full of !!! BIG AND BOLD! NO EXCUSES!

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