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Bliss Bits Info | Two Quick Tips To Make Your Senior Dog More Comfortable


Two EZ Tips That Can Dramatically Improve the Quality of Your Senior Dog's Life

Our senior dogs benefit greatly from extra care and nurturing as they get older. Slight adjustments to their daily care can make life much more pleasant for them and for you. The trick in taking care of older dogs is to notice the signs of aging earlier so adjustments can be made quickly.

It is so easy to be in that comfortable state of denial around our dog’s aging.

Maybe the longer you treat them like a puppy, or at least an adult dog, the longer your dog will be with you.

Maybe if you tell yourself they are just a bit stiff from that long walk, you can pretend they don’t groan every time they stand up.

Maybe if you ignore the completely grey muzzle, you can imagine 10 more years with your dog.

I was convinced every manufacturer had started using smaller text on packaging, all at the same time. Nope, there was no tiny type conspiracy. Just as we see people behaving in very age-inappropriate ways in a vain attempt to stay young, ignoring the signs our dog is now a senior and needs more care doesn’t make it go away. 

These two easy senior dog care tips will help your dog’s aging become smoother for everyone.

#1 BE AWARE Watch out for overall changes in your dog’s behavior, eating, sleeping, exercise level and mood.

#2 ACCOMMODATEyour dog’s new senior care needs, based on the changes you’ve noticed.