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Blissful Bits For Your Blissful Dog ~ Tips, Info + Freebies & Fun Stuff

For Those of You Who Want To Know All the FAQs

shar-pei skin care

Nose, Paw, Elbow & Skin Care FAQs

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french bulldog in bathtub

Your Blissfully Clean Dog FAQs

Cleanliness for every coat type, age & grime level.
Body & Bounce Shampoo for coats that need oomph
Bye Bye Boo Boo Collection for itchy skin; shampoo, spray+
Drama Queen & Rich Bitch Shampoo for posh pampering
Gentle Touch Soap & Shampoo puppies, seniors & sensitive skin
Razzle Dazzle White Shampoo brightens & whitens coats
Stinky, Filthy Dog Soap and Shampoo extra cleaning for extra grimy dogs
Flawless Finish Conditionerfor extra moisturizing
NO H20 Spray Shampoo
Fresh Face Wash
Simply Clean Ear Cleaner
Simply Fresh Deodorizer Spray

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Caring for Your Blissful Dog

flat faced dogs

Caring For Your Flat-Faced Dog

It seems the whole world has gone crazy for flat-faced dogs! Social media has introduced millions to these unique dogs.

Now, it is up to us who have had these fabulous dogs in our lives to share factual info with all who have opened their hearts to them.

Our flat-faced dogs are crazy photogenic and fun to live with...but with great dogs comes great responsibility.

Everything shares from cleaning their faces to surviving hot weather to the history of the Brachycephalic dog breeds is found here.

All the Smush-Faced Scoop

Why Baby-Faced Dogs are SO Popular?
Hot Weather & Flat-Faced Dogs
How To Clean Their Face

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What To Do About Tear Stains‽!? Or Funky Flat Faces?

Does your dog have dark, rust colored stains that stain their coat and mar their appearance?

TEAR-STAINED FACESare a big problem for many dog lovers. This one takes a bit more patience, as stained hair has to grow out and be cut off or be bleached to be white-white again. Don't despair we have a game plan for you!

FRESH FACE WASH- Flat-Faced Dogs have their own set of issues with a combo of facial folds, wrinkles and pushed-in noses. Those uber-cute flat faces can harbor gook, grime and funk. Fresh Face Wash will have those faces clean with a spritz and a wipe.

We cover WHY your dog's face gets tear-stained, WHAT to do to help and WHEN to start.

Help for Your Dog's Tear-Stained Face
senior pug

Helping Your Senior Dog Live Fully

Our rational minds may have realized our dog was closer to the end than the beginning, but our hearts often don't accept it. Until one day it hits us. Hard.

Hopefully the following tips will help you and your dog navigate their aging more smoothly.

From Kathy: It's Ok to Go Saying Goodbye to Your Dog With Dignity is a compilation of loving lessons shared by some very wise dogs when it was their time to go. There are also tips on dealing with the often forgotten parts of saying goodbye. Hopefully, some of the info will help you navigate this inevitable process.

Top Two Tips For Supporting Senior Dogs
Caring for Senior Dogs
It's Ok to Go (PDF Download)

Download It's OK to Go Booklet

Capturing Your Dog's Essence

While most of us have a professional quality camera (smart phone) in our pocket or purse 24/7, it can still be daunting to capture your dog's essnce in a photo.

Note from Kathy; My first camera was a Kodak Brownie I got in 5th grade in the 1960s. I've never stopped loving photography since then. This series came about as I was learning some of the unbelievable things our camera phones can do now. Of course, I HAD to share!

Here are pages of tips, hints and info to help get the perfect blissful dog photo!

We have three, yes THREE, PDF booklets dedicated to helping you capture blissful shots of your dog. The PDFs are available via the link below.

Find Your Dog Photography Bliss