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the blissful dog holiday gifts

Naughty or Nice?

No Judging Naughty Dogs Here!

For most of us, it doesn't matter if your dog was a total terror or a sweet angel, we still spoil them a bit (lot) during the holiday season. Not only do we shop for our own dogs, but most of us have relatives dogs, work-spouse's dogs and even dogs we wave at on walks. 

It can be tough to buy for other people's dogs. Some pet parents have their dogs on strict diets and others are a little (or a lot) more lenient. No judging here, ok, maybe a little. Toys can also be hard. Is it a squeaker-free house? Or a no plushies zone? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

The Blissful Dog Tube Combo

The Blissful Dog Tube Combo features three of our .15 oz travel size tubes in a cute dog box, all wrapped up and ready to go. You can choose from 125-ish dog breed labels, Mixed Breed or Every Dog label. Shopping cart restraints messed with my holiday vibe, so the listing is split; first listing is breeds A-F and second is G-Z.

Custom Combo Gift

We also have our Custom Combo, which makes a wonderful gift option. That BIG happy dog face on the cover of the tin is sure to wow! Choose and two 1-ounce tins, three .15 oz tubes and we'll wrap it up for you in gift box. Details on the Custom Combo page.

Senior Dog Shopping Made Fun

We can't forget our senior dogs during the holiday season. We treasure every minute with them, especially at the holiday season. We've made it easy for you to Shop Seniors with our Senior Care Combo.

To keep your senior fresh and clean for the family (and looking good for Zoom) we offer our best senior-centric products. Gentle Touch Senior Shampoo (8 oz), NO H20 Senior Spray Shampoo (8 oz), Age Well Aromatherapy Combo (spray+roll-on) and a tube of Boo Boo Butter, just in case.

Fresh Flat Faces Combo Holiday

Here's THE perfect gift for any of your friends who have flat-faced dogs in their lives. Now they can keep their Frenchie Fresh, their Pug Pristine, their Bulldog Bulvacious, and their Neo Nice. 

Choose 4, 8 or 16 oz Fresh Flat Face Wash and you also get a Nose Butter and Boo Boo Butter (.15 oz tubes). All pulled together in a festive gift bag. Of couple all the scoop is one that page and you get to pick your breed for the products.