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Just like some people seem to never ever be quiet, some dogs are more vocal than others. But there is a big difference in the dog who may be quick to bark when someone turns the doorknob and the dog who barks ALL. THE. TIME. A balanced throat chakra is the hallmark of the dog who barks as needed.

  • Color: Clear Blue
  • Crystal: Turquoise, lapis lazuli, azurite, aquamarine, clear quartz
  • Energy: self-expression and being heard

An open, aligned Throat Chakra allows your dog to expressing herself and make her needs known. This dog knows when to bark and when not to. None of that barking when the doorbell rings on TV (though I do think advertisers who create those commercials are dog hating sadists).

The Great Pyrenees, one of the ancient livestock guard breeds, has been bred for over 2000 years to patrol their area by barking...all night long. They trot around their designated spot and bark a "woo woo woo" that lets all other living creatures know they are on guard. After living with a Pry for over ten years, I can attest it works. They take this job very seriously, by the way.

An under-active Throat Chakra makes for a timid, shy, even introverted dog. The dog who is afraid of their own bark. This dog may have been punished for barking as a puppy and has become afraid to use their voice at all now.

An over-active Throat Chakra in your dogs leads to barking needlessly, and manipulation.The classic dog who has a LOT to say.


  • Expresses themselves properly
  • Makes needs known
  • Gets point across


  • Timid
  • Shy
  • Introverted


  • Bark, Bark, Bark
  • Bark, Bark, Bark
  • Bark, Bark, Bark

dog throat chakra

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