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Saying Goodbye When You're Not Ready

No one is ever truly ready to let go of a beloved dog. Even when we know it is the dignified, kind thing to do. We can think of letting go as that one last gift we are able too give them...passing from this earth knowing they are loved and adored. And also the gift of allowing our dogs to die with dignity as intact as possible.

Our dogs live in the moment. They have no way to know that how they feel is fleeting or not. That is part of what makes them so utterly resilient. Dogs have no regrets or what ifs. They lose a leg, they learn to walk on three. They lose their sight, they bump around as best they can. There is no self-pity in dogs.

In the booklet you will find a Venn Diagram outlining how to best tell when your dog's quality has begun to diminish greatly. There is also a log-sheet to chart and evaluate their quality of life on a five point scale.

We hope this info brings some measure of help to you at this time.

Download Quality of Life Chart Here

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