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2019 IS the Year of the French Bulldog

Of course, your Frenchie would say that every year is the Year of the French Bulldog. And for those of us who are besotted with this breed, it definitely is! Now you can enjoy a new French Bulldog every month of 2019 with The Blissful Dog 2019 Year of the French Bulldog Calendar.

Perfect for your kitchen or board room and as gifts for all of your French Bulldog fanatical friends. Available in printed and mailed to you (we call this an In Real Life Calendar) and PDF format for download. Check them out here.

Each image was created to grace your calendar and a select group of our products. Enjoy their whimsical, sassy and 100% Frenchie Fab faces every day of 2019.

Frenchies range from glorious floral crowned Princess Frenchies to angsty artistic French Bulldogs brooding over their art to a trio of over-the-top Frenchies who are angling for their own show on Bravo. 

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