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"Ashley, help, I can't go any faster!" As The Blissful Dog has grown those words have been known to echo throughout the office as I scrambled to keep the plates juggling. One of the areas I had always enjoyed was the social media aspect of building a business. But the day-in-day-out demands of being the boss can make that critical area one that gets pushed to the back burner. 

Of course, the importance of keeping in touch with our customers is a great big deal to us and one we all enjoy. But, I was in over my head and short of adding more hours to every day, I was stumped. So, I did what I always do in a crisis...I asked Ashley if she knew anyone who could help. And of course she did! Quick as you could say hashtag, Ashley had connected with Mikala and she was IN!

So, allow me to introduce the newest member of The Blissful Dog Team...Mikala! We are grateful and excited to be working with her.

Here is Mikala's official bio...

Mikala Wodarek is our newlywed, animal loving, social media guru. She graduated with a business degree from the University of MN Crookston. In her free time she enjoys show jumping and eventing with her husband and their horses, Trudy and Audio, and pampering their other fur children - Bindi the cat and Ruger the pooch.

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