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Week 3 Go For A Walk

1 min read

French bulldog snow

A Year of Bliss With Your Dog Week 3 - Go For A Walk

Of course, this week's suggested activity is Go For A Walk. For many in the northern hemisphere, it will be an unusually chilly walk. For those of us who are more acclimated to winter weather it is just another science fiction cold day. 

Dude, my French Bulldog, is one quintessential tough guy. He swaggers around with his chest puffed out, sneering at what he perceives as lesser dogs. Not much intimidates him, not even frigid temps and several feet of snow. Dude is the Man.

So, Dude and I went for a quick walk through the snow. I admit, we followed paths that had been made by vehicles and bigger dogs, but we gave our walk a shot. Dude cracked me up as he pushed his chest into the snow like the train on SnowPiercer. After about 15 minutes of pushing snow, even Dude decided it would be more sensible to walk in the Floofers path. Of course, they were running circles around us and rolling and playing in the snow. 

Unless it is pouring cold rain and icing, try to get in a quick walk, if you can. A nice walk in the snow is a pleasant way to view the terrain through winter eyes. If you can convince your dog to go!

Skadi in snow