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Week 2 Take Your Dog For a Ride!

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Week 2 Take Your Dog For a Ride!

A Year of Bliss With Your Dog - Week 2 - Go For A Ride

Week 2 is take your dog for a ride! Of course, most of the country just emerged from record-breaking cold temperatures. You KNOW it's cold when Minnesota has a few record-breaking cold days. We were at -40 F and wind chills of -62 F for a couple of days. Yeah, that was a BRRRRR!

Not that the frigid temps are behind us, you can shake off the cabin fever and take your dog for a ride.* Throw a couple of extra blankets in the car, just in case, and head out on the highway! 

*Caveats, of course, if you're running errands with your dog don't leave them in the car alone in the cold for more than ten minutes or so (summer is dangerous faster). There are all kinds of complicated charts and here is a link to one highly regarded one, but there are a lot of variables.  

For example - Our Great Pyrenees/Leonberger girls will stay out for extended periods when it is -20 F to -30 F without asking to come in. I've actually had to make them come in and they pouted. But their coats are insulated like polar bears and they are acclimated to severe cold. My English Toy Spaniel does not venture out if it is much below 30 F, he spins around and pees on a pad like the little king he is. Please, use your own judgement.

If you haven't downloaded our Year of Bliss With Your Dog here you go!