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The Nose Butter DAB & DASH

Keeping Expectations Real

Every now and then we get a review that says something along the lines of "My dog hates your product and won't let me apply it."

We get it! Sometimes our dogs do NOT want to be messed with, restrained or have their faces touched. They will flip, fight, twist and turn and some of the dogs have the audacity to wipe the product off on the sofa on their owner's leg!

I know, I have one of the Nose Butter haters! It takes at least two people to apply Nose Butter® to our 16 pound English Toy Spaniel, Gio. He has moves that would be the envy of any Circue de Soleil acrobat! But we sneak up on him and do the DAB & DASH and his nose stays in shape.

Sometimes we have to do something for our dog's well-being…cutting toenails, giving meds, cleaning ears, going to the vet, or applying Nose Butter, etc. If your dog  struggles, make the process FASTER and reward lavishly. This may be one of those situations in which you have to be firm with your dog, again, for the greater good. 

I dread going to the dentist. But I go...every six months for that festival knows as deep cleaning. It's for my own good and I don't want to suffer the consequences.

Here are a few tips that may help you deal with this chore a bit more easily. 

The Nose Butter Dab & Dash

  • Have the Nose Butter tube ready or a bit of warm Nose Butter on your finger
  • Grab your dog's face loosely by the jowls with one hand and dab with the other hand
  • No need for precision, just get it on their nose
  • Try the peanut butter on a wooden spoon or their fave treat
  • Talk in an upbeat, happy, yet firm tone of voice throughout
  • If your dog tries to wipe product off, distract them a few minutes so it can be absorbed. Use less next time

Boom. Done. You have accomplished the DAB & DASH! Grab yourself a treat now, you deserve it!

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