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The Blissful Dog of the Day Lexi

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

Lexi French Bulldog of the Day

The Blissful Dog of the Day...LEXI

Today we are honored to announce Lexi has been anointed The Blissful Dog of the Day. Lexi is one photogenic French Bulldog who has won the heart of her family (and ours).

The Blissful Dog: How did you meet your dog? Were you running errands and happened to pass a rescue group hosting an adoption day? Your eyes met and it was love at first sight? Did you have your heart set on a certain breed and went for it?


L.M. (Lexi's Mom): We wanted a French Bulldog for SOOOO long and one day saw a photo of baby Lexi online.. she was ours the next day!

TBD: Y'all knew a good thing when you saw it! She was meant to be your French!

We are so not age-ist here, so can you share how old your dog is? If you know your dog’s birthday, let us know.

L.M.: Lexi is 1! October 21, 2017

TBD: Lexi is a Libra, right on the cusp of Scorpio, as they say in astrology talk. Lexi is probably a very emotional dog, who can be sensitive at times. She is very affectionate and loving, but is sometimes TOO empathetic. If someone is sad, Lexi really picks up on it.

Lexi does not making decisions, like many Libras. She probably wants BOTH toys, not one or the other!

Family and friends are what Lexi's world revolves around. She can be intense and expects others to love her as fiercely as she loves them.

TBD: Is Lexi your only dog or pet? If not fill us in on your dog’s housemates.

L.M.: Only pet!

TBD: What is your dog’s favorite splurge for a snack? A bit of steak, a bully stick, stolen cat litter box truffles?

L.M.: fruits and veggies are Lexi’s favourite!

TBD: What’s the funniest thing your dog ever did? Did they paper the house with an entire 12-pack of Charmin’s finest? Or drag out the contents of your clothes hamper to show your dinner guests? Or maybe your dog’s a Houdini hound?


Lexi is so funny all the time, she thinks the is the queen of everything!

TBD: TBD: If you could tell your dog one thing and know they 100% understood, what would it be?


L.M. “Lexi, want to go to The Ruff House?”

Thank you so much for sharing a bit of insight into Lexi's life!

Lexi the French bulldog of the day



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