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The Blissful Dog of the Day is Mercie

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The Blissful Dog of the Day is Mercie

Today's Blissful Dog of the Day is Mercie

Mercie is a Brussels Griffon, a delightful breed of dog that hails guessed it, Belgium.

Brussels Griffons descend from breed called Smousjes, a scrappy Jack Russell Terrier-like stable dog who were the very best at getting rid of…RATS. In the early 1800s fanciers of the breed crossed the Smousjes with Pugs and English Toy Spaniels to make a flatter, baby face and a softer temperament. This toned down the terrier intensity and made for a more easy-going pet. You can see the genetic contribution both breeds played in the makeup of the modern day Griff. Plus, they are closely related to the Affenpinscher, obviously. 

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