by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 1 min read

The Blissful Dog Friday Freebie - Puppy Paper Crafts

Today's Friday Freebie is a quartet of cute puppy baskets...all ready for you to get crafty with!

This is an easy one and just in time for Easter Basket time, for those of you who celebrate Easter. Plus, this little basket is ideal for tucking a few dollar in and giving to a friend. Any little gift will be taken up a notch or two when delivered in a cute Pup Basket.

Our apologies for not having any candy to show in the images. We ate it all. 

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock or heavy paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Rubber Cement (optional)


  • Cut dogs out
  • Fold along lines (red lines shown bigger)
  • Tape or glue tabs of the sides to the front and back
  • Tape basket handle to the sides
  • Fill with candy and revel in your craftiness

Download Zip File Here

basket directions

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