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The Blissful Dog Awarded #9 Spot

1 min read

the blissful dog recycle

#9 on Brandable Box's Environmental Leaderboard

We Hear You, Greta!

2020 is going to be a turning point for so many things. One of the things we are dedicated to improving is our carbon footprint. We chose Brandable Boxes as our resource for our branded boxes. We had a few requirements - branded/logo boxes, environmentally conscious and good price. With Brandable we were able to get all three!

The icing on the cake was when we learned how much our initial purchase of boxes impacted our carbon footprint - check it out, we were #9 on Brandable Boxes Leader Board! Not only are we thrilled with how the boxes look and the price, we can also be proud that we are working to lessen our carbon footprint!

Everyone also received their own water bottle and we have the big bottle water thing going. Pics soon of that. Best thing about it is the dog watering station at the bottom! No more single use plastic water bottles!

Seriously, when I have watched Greta Thurnberg speak I have been not only been so moved by her commitment and passion for the planet we all share, but also blown away by her poise and class. At 63 I can only hope to be a fraction of that composed and "unmesswithable" as she is. My new hero!

the blissful dog environmental