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The Basenji - Is This Active, Intelligent Dog For You?

2 min read

The Basenji - Is This Active, Intelligent Dog For You?

The Basenji Is Not For Everyone, But Is Perfect For Some

The Basenji may very well be the absolutely perfect dog for you and your family...or not! 

As my grandmother used to say, 'There's a lid for every pot." Usually this was said after we saw someone who was incredibly unique and different and she was trying to teach us rowdy girls some empathy and manners. Well, she back to Basenjis!

The Basenji has the double edged sword of being incredibly intelligent and also very high energy. When that superpower intelligence is put to good use in an active family, life can be sublime. If left alone and allowed to be bored, havoc will be wreaked. 

They also have a very high prey drive, which means cats, hamsters, squirrels, and pretty much anything small that moves will be chased and often caught. Plus, Basenjis are also one of the quintessential escape artist canine breeds. They view fences as merely something that slows them down...but not for long! A puzzle to be worked out, a challenge to be accepted.

Basenji owners virtually universally agree that new Basenji families should microchip, have non-detachable ID tags AND fences that are the envy of any super-max prison.

By high energy, a Basenji is not going to be content with a few laps around the sofa or yard. They need 

For those who appreciate a dog who thinks on their own, one who can problem solve independently, and can keep up with their exercise requirements…the Basenji can be a rewarding best friend.

Basenji Tidbits - Their Roots

Basenjis are also considered one of the ancient dog breeds, as they have been the companion and hunting dog in the African Congo for eons. Westerners discovered this unique breed in the late 1800s. They were used to chase small game and birds into nets, sound a warning cry when sensing other predators and even employed as tiny pack dogs.

But Basenjis had no natural immunity to many canine diseases, especially distemper, and attempts to import them into Europe met with disaster. Even into the late 20th century Basenjis were lost to diseases that vaccinations should have prevented.

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