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by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 3 min read

4th of July dog scared

Ah, the 4th of July...the most dreaded of holidays for dog lovers here in the USA. While picnics, grilling outdoors and enjoying a frosty beverage are all part of the fun, fireworks can make a fun miserable for many dog parents.


As you probably know, more dogs are lost on the 4th of July than any other day. While you may be thinking, "Geesh, do I have to stay at home with my dog and miss all the fun?" Well, you just might. Depending on just how terrified your dog is by fireworks and how close you are to the festivities, that just may be the best route to go. I digressed, back to your dog.


#1 Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

  • Plan ahead for someone to stay home if your dog is extremely terrified of fireworks
  • Have RELAX Dog Aromatherapy on hand
  • Have treats for distraction available
  • Have a tag for your dog with all your current contact info on it - phone should be cell phone if you're traveling
  • Gotta say it - have a collar that fits to put the aforementioned tag on
  • Microchip your dog and/or register them with one of the many lost pet programs now available 

#2 For the Day of the 4th (or Expected Fireworks)

  • The designated dog sitter should be confirmed
  • Keep your dog inside
  • If they must be walked off your fenced property keep them on a leash ALL THE TIME 
  • When the fireworks begin have the tv on, sci-fi-fi movies with special effects are good, but I am biased
  • Shut windows and turn on the air conditioning (probably already on for most of us)
  • Use a noisy fan for additional white noise
  • If they are used to a crate, have it available for them

#3 Random Additional Tips for Surviving the 4th of July with Your Dog

There is a reason the British had those Keep Calm and Carry-On Signs during WWII...It works. Keep calm and that energy of being relaxed and in control will move to your dog. Reassure your dog in a calm tone and keep yourself calm, too. Keep your emotions level and reassure your dog that the fireworks really will stop!

Start applying RELAX in the afternoon if you expect lots of fireworks in your area. Use as needed until the brouhaha is over.

Of course, your plans may include a trip without your dog. We strongly suggest you either board your dog at a facility that is NOT close to any planned 4th of July fireworks, lakes, parks, etc. Ask them what they do on the 4th of July for frightened dogs and if the answers seem vague...find another boarding facility.

If boarding your dog is not an option, hire a professional pet sitter. If that is not an option, hire a TRUSTED, dog-savvy friend to stay with them during the entire holiday. 

Use RELAX throughout the fireworks to help take the edge off stress for your dog. Relax plus the tips above should help the drama level come down a notch or two for everyone, but especially for your dog!

And yes, I am our designated stay home with the dogs on the 4th person here!




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