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Senior Dog Support 4 Quick Tips

senior dachshund

Keep Your Senior Dog Looking & Feeling Their Best

Looking Good = Feeling Good (A Motto of Mine)

Do you have an elderly aunt or other relative who has a standing appointment at the local salon? Did you know many assisted living facilities have hair dressers offering services to their patients? The human elder care world is well aware of how looking good can help keep us feeling better. The same is true for our dogs!

As you dog grows a bit grey I am not suggesting a bit of Doggie Clairol for their muzzle, but I am all for helping them look their best!

Here are a few things to watch for as your dog ages, above and beyond their normal bath and brush.

TIP #1 Time for a Pedi

Nails need to be trimmed more often, as many dogs are weaker in the pasterns (wrist area) and nails won’t wear down on their own as easily.  And NO, it’s not fair that we have to do something they probably loathe more often. Sigh.

TIP #2 Adjust Their Grooming to Their Age & Condition

Consult with your groomer on how aging affect the grooming process. Their skin may be more sensitive and bath water needs to be a bit cooler than before. Old skin is more susceptible to burning for us and them.

A sedentary senior may be more prone to mats, so brush more often. Your senior dog is probably not as active as they once were and spends more time curled up in their bed or sprawled out on the floor. This can lead to more matting of their coat.

Once again, skin is more fragile, so when you do brush, be sure your touch is extra gentle.

TIP #3 Fresh & Clean

Keep your old dog fresh and clean, especially if they are sometimes incontinence. If accidents are more frequent, use a wet wipe in-between baths, just to keep your dog fresh.

These few tips will help you keep your aging dog looking and feeling in blissful shape!


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