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Help Your Senior Dog Get A Grip

senior dog grip

Keep Your Old Dog Steady

Older dogs are not as steady on their feet and may feel unsure. Not only is your older dog a bit less steady due to muscle or joint issues or discomfort, their eyesight may not be as sharp. As dogs age, their eyes may develop cataracts and their vision becomes cloudy. As I careen thru my 60s I have noticed I reach out for something to stabilize me as I walk outdoors. Yep, it happens.

All of these physical changes, as well as the possibility of some lessening of cognitive function, add up to the possibility of a tumble. While dogs are not as prone to slipping and breaking a hip, as can happen to elderly people, their falls can have depilating consequences, just the same.

Reduce the chance of their falling and not being able to get up with these ez tips.

  • Put a bath mat under food & water bowls, gives traction & ez to keep clean
  • Consider carpeting steps your dog uses if needed
  • Install a dog gate to keep them from using the stairs
  • Their walks should be on level surfaces

Kinda like taking the keys to the Cadillac away from great-grandpa, it’s for their own good (your dog & great-grandpa).


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