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The Blissful Dog of the Day is Rosie

Rosie the boxer

Rosie Is One of the Most Blissful of Boxers... 

The Blissful Dog of the Day is none other than ROSIE! Otherwise known as Rosie Bella Wise. We are honored to be able to call her Rosie. 

TBD: How did you meet your dog? Were you running errands and happened to pass a rescue group hosting an adoption day? Your eyes met and it was love at first sight? Did you have your heart set on a certain breed and went for it?

RM (Rosie's Mom): We rescued her from a family that my husband worked with, who were giving her away because they couldn't take care of her. She was 1-1/2 years old when we got her.

We are so not age-ist here, so can you share how old your dog is? If you know your dog’s birthday, let us know.

RM (Rosie's Mom):She is 9, and will be 10 on December 18, 2019

Rosie is a Sagittarius! Being a Sagittarius born on December 18th, her charisma and risk taking define her. Rosie is warm, friendly and quite clever. Rosie also revels in being the center of attention. If she really wants something (rotisserie chicken, maybe?), she will do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

Is this your only dog or pet? If not fill us in on your dog’s housemates. Do they get along? Who is Top Dog?

She is definitely an only pet. Spoiled Rotten! She is a Princess!

What is your dog’s favorite splurge for a snack? A bit of steak, a bully stick, stolen cat litter box truffles?

Warm Rotisserie Chicken, yum!

What’s the funniest thing your dog ever did? Did they paper the house with an entire 12-pack of Charmin’s finest? Or drag out the contents of your clothes hamper to show your dinner guests? Or maybe your dog’s a Houdini hound?

She jumped out of the car window that was down, to chase a squirrel! (We weren't moving :P) 

WOW! We're glad THAT story had a happy ending. Ever the Sag, she wanted that squirrel!

If you could tell your dog one thing and know they 100% understood, what would it be?

Sit, Stay, Rollover, Shake,No, Come, "want a treat?" "need to go outside?" "get off my couch!" "go find your ball", "drop it"

Does your dog have any silly habits or idiosyncrasies? Do they spin in circles before pooping? Do they always (every. single. time.) bark when the microwave beeps? What is that funny thing your dog does that always makes you smile?

She enjoys laying on warm, fresh, clean, blankets that just come out of the dryer. She actually stand watching and waiting for you to pull them out. She loves children and women and almost wiggles her tail off when they visit. She hates and tries to bite our exterminator guy that we've had for over 10 years! She just doesn't want to be his friend, ever!

Here’s your chance - Share anything you care to about your dog.

Rosie has been the best addition to our family. Our children were 7, and 8 when we got her. She has grown up with the children, and is considered our 3rd child. There have been so many wonderful memories made with her!

Years ago, we bought a camper to take family vacations because we couldn't stand to leave her at a kennel. She absolutely loves long car rides with the family, hiking, running on the beach, hanging out on the beach, nature walks, sitting by a campfire, and chasing wildlife. She loves tennis balls, ropes, and squeaky toys, but most of all she loves her family! She's a great protector, a sweet snuggler, and a lovable pooch!

We certainly know that Rosie is one blissful dog! That you even bought a trailer for vacations so she could go warmed my heart. Rosie scored big that day all those years ago. She was meant to be your blissful dog EVERY day! 

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