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Puggle, Puggle, Puggle

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Puggle, Puggle, Puggle…Puggle Is FUN to Say!

Fun to Say and Fun To Live With

Puggles are a the result of breeding a Beagle and a pug. In theory you would get a small, short-coated dog with more energy than a Pug and less desire to sniff a trail than a Beagle. But breeding dogs is not like mixing paint, you don't always get a perfect 50/50 blend. You might just get a flat-faced dog who wants to track and leads a frustrating life of sniffing frustration (I hope not!).

Wallace Havens, a Wisconsin dog breeder, claimed to have bred the first in the 1980s. I do so miss the 80s, that big hair, the shoulder pads, early Madonna. 

Havens coined the name “puggle” and registered the breed with the American Canine Hybrid Club. While he popularized the name, Mr. Havens was probably not the first to cross Beagles and Pugs. But we'll give him his propers for the Puggle name, as it is just plain fun to say. 

Note: Mr. Havens passed away in March of 2018, after retiring from breeding dogs in 2008. Obituary.

The Puggle name is a combo of the parent’s breeds – Pug and Beagle. This is called a portmanteau, like Bradgelina or Bromance.

Puggles are not usually as flat faced as their Pug parent, so breathing is not usually as noisy and restricted and thankfully, they don't usually shed as much as their Pug relatives. (yes, there are THREE usually in that sentence). Remember the paint mixing analogy? 

Plus the tendency to roam, single-mindedly led by their nose like their Beagle daddy (or momma) has usually been greatly reduced. 

Puggle’s are happy, loving dogs, they are usually a delightful mix of - you guessed it - Pugs and Beagles personalities. They have found their place in the hearts of families the world over.