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For over 25 years I have shared my life with French Bulldogs. Yep, way before they were popular and the ubiquitous, go-to darling of advertising and media, I had snorting, snoring little fat Frenchies.

While they have many wonderful, endearing traits, there is one aspect of life with Frenchies that is not so much fun. They can be #@$% hard to house train. I swear they will play outside for an hour come in and poop in front of the tv. Maybe they are just proud of their special poo or maybe, just maybe there is a deeper, more profound meaning behind why dogs poop in the house.

It isn't just Frenchies who are stubbornly obstinate when it comes to their bathroom training. Many of the toy and companion dogs are equally nonchalant. I suppose we bred these dogs specifically to be adored companions and they ASSUME we are here to eagerly wait on their every need and whim. Or maybe they see us obsessing over their poo and want to make it easy for us, so they go in convenient places - like in front of the TV or the bathroom floor. 

Or maybe there are truly deep meanings behind why our beloved dogs, which we hold so dear, continue to poop in the house. Let's delve into this, lie down on my couch (scoot the dog over, he won't move on his own). I'm listening...

By the way, did you know Dr. Sigmund Freud often had one of his adored Chow dogs in the treatment room when he saw patients? He looked to them for their reactions as his patients spilled their guts. 



Be that self which one truly is. - Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

Often paraphrased as "To thine own self be true," this quote epitomizes the essence of an Existentialist dog. Our dogs are blessed with the complete and utter lack of wishing they were something or someone else. They know nothing else besides being true to being a dog. 

Your dog may be an existentialist if they refuse to belong to any school of thought and eschew traditional philosophy as superficial and mundane. Your dog may CHOOSE to poop on the carpet and feel no need for justification.

The Existentialist dog refuses to be categorized as Toy, Sporting, Working or any of the other manners in which we humans group them. While they revel in the breed of dog they are or the rejoice in the wantonness of being a mix of many glorious DNA contributions, they view themselves as the epitome of the Lone Wolf. 

The Existentialist dog enjoys the company of other dogs and is quite the center of attention at the dog park. But, they hold something back and do not throw their all into the games and playtime of more pack oriented dogs.

The Existentialist dog will probably not shine at obedience or any other structured, traditional past time. They make their own choices in life. If your Existentialist dog decides to partake of obedience training, they will do so. If not, no amount of cajoling or treats will convince them it is fun. 

The Existentialist dog will not be tricked into going along with the pack…unless it is their idea.