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Whether one ponders Existentialism, Solipsism, Confucianism, Dadaism, Objectivism, Futurism, Surrealism, Nihilism, Epicureanism, Utilitarianism or any of the other profound isms, there is one question that brings all students of the deeper philosophical mindset to a screeching halt. That question is this...

Why Do Dogs Eat Horse Poo?

dogs eat horse poo

For eons humans and animals alike have ingested herbs and botanicals naturally in our everyday meals. Before the advent of fast food and GMOs we all ate one step away from the farm…literally. 

Even the most pampered of pooches will nibble a bit of grass while on a walk or playing in the yard. Dogs naturally seek out certain grasses or herbs to aid their discomfort. Rough grasses with ragged edges lump together in the intestine to scrape worms out, sweet grasses can calm a shaky tummy and bitter grass cleanses the stomach when “urped”. 

Many dogs will eat grass if they are feeling a bit off . They don't know WHY, nature is urging them to seek help as best they can. Prior to 1.800.VET.MEDS your dog had to go with inner urges to seek relief.

Eating dirt and manure are also ways of self-medicating. Wild animals will travel miles to specific clay deposits to cleanse their systems. 

It seems more and more people are looking to the wisdom of decades or centuries past. Certain “old wives tales”, myths and lore often have roots in scientific reason. One caveat - Please, oh please, do not look to the 80s for philosophical wisdom, it's not there.

If virtually every single dog on earth would eat horse or cow poo if allowed to there must be a reason! Is it possible nature is urging dogs to seek an organic - VERY organic - source off relief?

Possible Answer to the Age Old Question...Why, Oh, Why Do Dogs Eat Horse Poo?

The manure of herbivores (such as horses, cows, anything that eats, well, herbs or grasses) is full of enzymes and partially digested protein, which can be beneficial for a meat eater’s (your dog) digestive system. So, nature may be urging your dog to soothe their frazzled digestive system...with a dose of equine probiotics.

Of course, if the horse or cow had just been wormed or had worms (etc etc) or was ill, then it would be a concern and I am NOT advocating a horse poo supplemented diet, merely sharing why dogs seem to love horse poo. 

New Pony Poo Eating Ponderings

Revised May 28, 2018 - We are doing some construction - adding on to The Blissful Dog offices - which has involved moving some fences. The Floofers, Ska∂i and Tili, our ¾ Leonberger and ¼ Great Pyrenees girls got a sweet new addition to their play yard that gives them a chunk of an acre fenced. I stood there with iPhone in hand, ready to video them as they frolicked in their new pen. And of course ALL they wanted to do was eat the fresh, new pony-poo that Nyker and Bliss has deposited. Needless to say, I deleted that video. 

If your dogs proceeded to snack on pony poo and then roll in it...check out our Blissfully Clean Dogs shampoo collection. Dirty, Dirrrtty Dog Shampoo may be needed.



I will never get all the images erased from my retinas that I stumbled upon when I Googled “dog eats horse poo.” I suppose I got what I deserved. 

As I conducted my extremely research into this subject aka Googling, I found some head scratching "answers" (I use the term answers loosely here) as to why dogs eat horse poo. My favorite was "to mask the scent of humans on their breath." So, this person must have human eating dogs that are covering up the scent of consumed people by devouring horse poo? Not sure on that one...

Why does your dog eat horse manure? Random answers (if we want to dignify them with being called ANSWERS) from Quora, Tumblr, Yahoo! Answers and other such bastions of the evidence of human genius.

A: Horse manure, cow manure, even kitty poop..They love 'em all. Its not bad for them unless theirs fly eggs on the poop then the larvae can hatch in your dog & he too will have worms.
A: Dogs eat horse manure to mask the scent of humans on their breath. If you want your dog to stop eating horse manure, you need to provide the dog with an alternative scent.
A: Dogs may eat horse manure because the horse’s poop may contain undigested corn, which may appeal to dogs.
A: Dogs may also eat horse manure because they it has proteins or simply because they like the taste of the feces.


Once again, we are NOT suggesting you allow your dog to eat large animal poo, as there are cases of illness when the horses had just been wormed with Ivermectin and the dogs ingested fresh, drug-packed poo.


To cleanse your eye palette of all the horse poo images, here is a website dedicated to art created from...yep, horse poo. The Venus de Milo sold for over $40,000. Ponder that!


This post was first presented to the Nobel Prize Committee July 17, 2017. Sadly, a bunch of of very distinguished men won them all. 

horse poo sculpture