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One Happy Pug Nose

1 min read

One Happy Pug Nose

My 9-year old Pug Lenny has had a very dry and scaly nose for quite some time. I really didn’t know what to use on it, that not only moisturized his nose, but has safe ingredients as well. I happened on Blissful Dog website and was So excited to see the great products created by a short nose dog lover!! And I found the best Nose Butter ever!!

I started using this on Lenny immediately and no kidding within 2 days his nose is like 80% better than it was, in just a couple days!! It’s got to feel so much better for him! I also ordered the flat face wash and the dirty dog shampoo. So happy with it all, I will continue to shop Blissful Dog from now on! Looking into the aromatherapy products next!! Thank you Blissful Dog feom the bottom of our Pug Hearts!! ❤️