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Now THAT'S Cold

1 min read

brutal wind chill minnesota

It is HOW Cold Up North???? 

After 25 years or so in Minnesota you'd think I would be used to the science fiction cold we have up here. Uh, I'm not. This one is a particularly bad and for once the news reports are not hyperbole. As they say, Hell Hath Frozen Over!

I just checked the weather and it is -31 degrees and a wind chill of -62 degrees and it is 6:00 pm. Yep, all the furry creatures are curled up right here next to us. I'm really glad Ska∂i and Tili are fluffy floofers! 

Every dog related website will be saying this, but we gotta chime in. This cold snap is a BRUTALLY cold one. Any outside dogs need to be inside. Period. Get dogs in and out quickly for potty breaks in this cold and for little dogs, puppies, seniors or any dogs with health issues just throw some puppy pads, paper towels or an old bath mat down. A minute of cleaning is worth taking a chance.

Stay warm!